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Elevated Consulting believes:

  • That your technology consultant should work for you like your employees, delivering trusted advice when you’re deciding on your technology alternatives.
  • That your technology proposals should be simple to understand – without the need for you to do complicated research to understand your options.
  • Technology should be affordable and support your business operations rather than require fixing and constant maintenance.

Belief becomes Action:

  • A 2000+ seat call center asked Elevated Consulting to help identify the best WFM (Workforce Management) software that would meet their needs. Elevated Consulting identified three potential vendors and then presented the options, arranged for demos, collected questions and answers, then summarized the differences and presented them to the client’s workforce management team. The call center saved over 45% on software and reduced implementation costs by more than 55%.
  • A developer was building a 400-unit complex consisting of single-family and independent living apartments. They wanted to monetize the communications technologies to make revenue on their considerable investment and as a result, increase the value of their property. Elevated Consulting was engaged and identified the top vendors and presented the technologies and solutions. After one vendor was selected, Elevated Consulting read through the proposed Agreement and suggested many changes which benefited the developer. Some of these included, elimination of the “auto renewal” clause, ownership of the equipment on completion of the Agreement term, and a rewrite of the Statement of Work so that responsibilities of all parties were clearly understood.

Our Services

Contact Center Solutions

Whether you have five, 1000 or more agents we provide consulting for your call center: ACDs, WFM, PM, Dialers, AI and more.

Security Solutions

Security solutions are a must for your business! They are becoming even more critical as phishing, Trojans and other technologies are used to steal your business information.

Communications and Internet

Elevated Consulting uses their relationships with nearly every carrier to provide you the Internet connections you need! We’re also experts at monetizing the Internet and communications for apartment complexes and community developers!